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George Floyd | 05/30/2020

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Greetings Church!

I have purposefully waited to communicate a response and not a reaction to the recent violent, unjust, death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer.

God hates prejudice (pre-judging, being predisposed) of any kind - racial, generational, gender, or social and economic class, because it diminishes His creation. We need to see us as God sees us: Children of Creator God the Father, and members of the same race - the human race, and valued in our Father's eyes.

We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to what our Father God condemns - including injustice. We cannot resign our response to "that is just the way it is". God is always responsive to the cry of the oppressed and marginalized. Old Covenant prophets cried aloud for righteousness and justice to rule over oppression and marginalization of people groups.

We in the New Covenant, made whole by Jesus, can do no less. We cannot expect those who have not experienced the love and freedom of a life in Christ to lead the way to reconciliation and healing of the lingering, and in some ways, deepening divide of people groups. This is the role and responsibility of God's people, Christ's Church.

Prayer is always the starting point of any movement of God's intervention to bring change. Crying out to God is the biblical pattern. However, we must also recognize that the Church has been called to put feet to their prayers through how we publicly and privately order our minds, speak our words of challenge to the devaluing of human life of any age, color or ethnicity, and intervening in this cultural chaos.

Jesus called us to be peacemakers and prophets. Speaking and acting on another's behalf is the true ministry of intercession. George Floyd's tragic death seems to magnify the the devaluing of human life that Christ died for, and we all need to revisit and reexamine our own values, beliefs, and responses. And where we come up short - repent.

May the Church rise up to lead the way to healing and wholeness in our communities through truth communicated well, actions that bring reconciliation, and faith that trusts in the God who will heal the land as we cry out.

I know this is a long post, and it is only half of what I am feeling. May we not miss this moment to intercede in the truest sense of the word and watch God do a miracle of healing through His grace and mercy.

Pastor Bob

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