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Latest Update | 05/23/2020

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Greetings ALFC family!

I wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts regarding the changing season of the Church and the declaration by President Trump on Friday.

It is now Foursquare's official position to allow each church body to decide when to open their doors, recognizing that there is an ongoing legal dispute between federal and state authorities. Each church will take responsibility for their decisions and actions while this dispute exists. However, we can open having been released to do so by our spiritual covering and authority.

With that understanding, we need to consider how and when to move back into the building safely with thoughtfulness and consideration for all our family.

The CDC safety guidelines, and any local guidelines added, will be considered and followed. Extra cleaning procedures, hand sanitizing stations, physical distancing, and masks worn where possible, will be our application of current recommendations from the state for every other "essential" business or organization.

We have reduced the seating capacity and arrangement in the sanctuary, which necessitates our continuing with two services to seat everyone.

There will be no traditional children's ministries or nursery ministry during this season of transition while battling the COVID 19 virus.

We are encouraging our most vulnerable to remain at home and watch our new live stream of the morning service until it is recommended otherwise.

So, when will all this start happening?

Starting Sunday, June 7th, we will meet in the sanctuary at 9:30 and 11:00AM. We will rejoice together, have communion together, and welcome our new pastors, Kevin and Rachel Ratliff! You won't want to miss!

Thanks for exhibiting the grace, love, faithfulness, generosity, and endurance during these days.

With much love,
Pastor Bob

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