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  1. Longtime Foursquare Pastor Charlie Sattgast has been selected chief of the chaplain corps for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), the United States Air Force’s all-volunteer auxiliary. He will be sworn in at a ceremony at CAP’s annual convention in San Antonio, Texas, on Sept. 2.Formed just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, CAP has 57,000 members who perform homeland security, disaster relief and drug interdiction missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. In his position, Charlie—deputy chief of chaplains the past two years—will oversee the world’s largest volunteer chaplain corps (more than 830 people). He will serve a three-year term. “I’m a little surprised and humbled,” says Charlie, pastor of hospitality at The Oregon Community (Portland North Foursquare Church) in Portland, Ore. “It’s definitely an honor. Now that I’ve been asked, I trust I am God’s man for the job.” A Foursquare-endorsed CAP chaplain since 2004, Charlie earned his master’s degree in pastoral studies from Multnomah University and a doctorate in organic leadership development from Bethel University. Jason Reynolds, director of Foursquare Chaplains International, says Chaplain Sattgast is well known for his deep faith and humility. “I believe Charlie is a wonderful testimony to the scriptural message of James 4:10, ‘Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up’ (NKJV),” Jason affirms. “He takes very seriously his responsibilities and carries out his duties with excellence. He is a man of wisdom and approachability, which makes him someone who can be trusted even with delicate matters.” A businessman before sensing God’s call to ministry, Charlie served as senior pastor of Portland’s Grace Foursquare Church from 1994-1998. He later served as an assisting minister there and at Eastside Foursquare Church before joining The Oregon Community in 2010. The first Foursquare-endorsed chaplain to serve in this position, Charlie is most excited about the opportunity to direct the spiritual lives of the 24,000 cadets who are part of CAP’s program. The auxiliary recently revamped the 24 virtues it teaches to young people over a two-year cycle to align them more closely with the Air Force Academy’s. They include such traits as integrity, service before self, and excellence. “Our hope is we can make a difference in the lives of young people in instilling these virtues,” Charlie explains. “The chaplain corps is the keeper of the core values; it’s our mission to make sure we keep them in front of the people.”“Chaplaincy has an impact in the community that no other branch of the church can have. It’s an exciting and fulfilling calling.” — Charlie Sattgast, new chief of the chaplain corps for the Civil Air Patrol Charlie decided to enlist in the CAP in 2001 to support his daughter when she became a cadet. Then he became a squadron chaplain, and “one thing led to another,” he says, crediting the Lord for all the opportunities. The highlight of his 16 years in the patrol is working with young people. Like the woman he counseled who later told a Celebrate Recovery meeting she was alive because Charlie asked her at a meeting how she was doing. Or the man who, after interacting with some cadets, told him: “I had given up hope for the future of our country. I’ve never met young people like them.” “If ministers understood the level of impact they can have beyond the walls of their congregation without that much extra time or effort, more would be involved in Civil Air Patrol,” Charlie asserts. “Chaplaincy has an impact in the community that no other branch of the church can have. It’s an exciting and fulfilling calling.”
  2. Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr., General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo and the board of directors are pleased to announce that Wendy Nolasco, an ordained Foursquare minister, has been named district supervisor of the MidSouth District.The appointment of Wendy, who is bilingual and bicultural, is being welcomed as a prophetic and future-looking move that further aligns Foursquare with God’s direction for the movement. Currently campus and executive pastor for New Life Church (Bakersfield Southwest Foursquare Church) in Bakersfield, Calif., helping oversee a staff of almost 60 on five campuses, Wendy steps into her new position effective Jan. 1, 2018. She will succeed David Coffey, who is retiring after nearly nine years as district supervisor of the MidSouth District’s 117 churches and congregations. A licensed minister since 2009, Wendy and her husband, Sal, have been married for 15 years and have three children: Lola, Diego and Phoenix. Her decade-plus service at New Life includes nine months as senior pastor while other senior leaders there were on extended leaves of medical absence. The total average attendance of all New Life campuses is now 3,500, and the Northwest Campus, where Wendy leads, has grown from around 250 to approximately 1,000. Wendy Nolasco spoke at Foursquare Connection 2017 As a featured speaker at this year’s Foursquare Connection, in Washington, D.C., Wendy told of growing up as “an outsider” born to Cuban political immigrant refugees, and how that experience had shaped her passion for ensuring that visitors to New Life feel welcome and accepted. Looking ahead to her new role, Wendy says: “We are full of hope and anticipation about the opportunity to advance our objectives as a Foursquare family, and build a culture of leadership, transformation and multiplication. We anticipate leaning into the whispers of the Holy Spirit as we navigate form and flow. The entrustment and belief by our Foursquare leadership will be our driving force as we embark into our collective future.” Announcing the appointment to MidSouth pastors and leaders in a video greeting, Tammy detailed how what those responsible believed to be the “creative, prophetic and future-focused” decision came about. Though other strong candidates had been interviewed, the selection committee had not sensed God’s confirmation of any of them.“We are full of hope and anticipation about the opportunity to advance our objectives as a Foursquare family, and build a culture of leadership, transformation and multiplication.” —Wendy Nolasco, newly appointed MidSouth district supervisor During a time of prayer and reflection in which the 1 Samuel account of Samuel’s anointing of David as king, over his older brothers, was shared, it became clear that God was leading in a new “out of the box” direction, Tammy said. In due course, Wendy and Sal were interviewed, and their recommendation unanimously approved by the board. “We believe that this decision is not only for the future of MidSouth, but that it is also prophetic for the entire Foursquare movement,” said Tammy. “This is the vanguard of something fresh and bold that God is doing. Please join us in prayer so, together, we are all ready to be used by God in this new day.” Glenn Burris Jr. echoes that, welcoming the appointment as an example of how the Reimagine realignment process Foursquare has been through recently is enabling the release of the “catalytic” leaders needed for the future. “We sensed God’s clear leading and hand through the process, and we want to be obedient to His direction,” says Glenn. “The Lord has mapped out a future that will bring a great harvest. I sense the Lord saying, 'The seed is already in the ground.’” A former pastor and previously district administrator for the South Central District, David Coffey says that he felt it was time to step down and make room “for someone who can help launch the future, and champion and support the next generation.” Part of Foursquare’s cabinet since 2003, David and his wife, Diane, celebrate their golden wedding anniversary next year and have two married adult children, Amber and Ryan, both serving in Foursquare ministry. Wendy Nolasco es nombrada como supervisor de distrito del MidSouthEl presidente de La Cuadrangular Glenn Burris Jr., la supervisora general Tammy Dunahoo y la junta directiva se complacen en anunciar que Wendy Nolasco, un ministro ordenado Cuadrangular ha sido nombrada supervisor de distrito del MidSouth. Wendy y Sal Nolasco El nombramiento de Wendy, que es bilingüe y bicultural, se está recibiendo como un movimiento profético y futurista que alinea aún más La Cuadrangular con la dirección de Dios para el movimiento. Actualmente es pastor de campus y pastor ejecutivo de la Iglesia New Life (Bakersfield Southwest Foursquare Church) en Bakersfield, California, ayudando a supervisar a un personal de casi 60 en cinco campus. Wendy ingresa a su nuevo cargo a partir del 1 de enero de 2018. Sucederá a David Coffey, quien se jubila después de casi nueve años como supervisor de distrito de las 117 iglesias y congregaciones del distrito de MidSouth. Ella ha sido un ministro con credenciales desde 2009, Wendy y su esposo, Sal, han estado casados por 15 años y tienen tres hijos: Lola, Diego y Phoenix. Su servicio de más de una década en New Life incluye nueve meses como pastor principal, mientras que otros líderes principales se encontraban en prolongadas ausencias médicas. La asistencia total promedio de todos los campus de New Life es ahora de 3,500 y el campus del noroeste, donde Wendy lidera, ha crecido de alrededor de 250 a aproximadamente 1,000 personas.Wendy Nolasco habló en la Conexión Cuadrangular 2017   Como una oradora principal en la Conexión Cuadrangular de este año, en Washington, DC, Wendy habló de haber crecido como "un forastero" nacida de refugiados políticos inmigrantes cubanos y cómo esa experiencia ha moldeado su pasión por asegurar que los visitantes de New Life se sientan bienvenidos y aceptados. Mirando hacia su nuevo rol, Wendy dice: "Estamos llenos de esperanza y anticipación sobre la oportunidad de avanzar nuestros objetivos como una familia Cuadrangular, y construir una cultura de liderazgo, transformación y multiplicación. Anticipamos inclinarnos hacia los susurros del Espíritu Santo mientras navegamos y fluimos. La encomienda y la creencia de nuestro liderazgo Cuadrangular será nuestra fuerza motriz mientras embarcamos en nuestro futuro colectivamente". Al anunciar el nombramiento a los pastores y líderes del MidSouth en un saludo de video (en inglés solamente), Tammy detalló cómo surgió la decisión "creativa, profética y centrada en el futuro". Aunque muchos candidatos fuertes habían sido entrevistados, el comité de selección no había sentido la confirmación de Dios de ninguno de ellos."Estamos llenos de esperanza y anticipación sobre la oportunidad de avanzar nuestros objetivos como una familia Cuadrangular, y construir una cultura de liderazgo, transformación y multiplicación." —Wendy Nolasco, recién nombrada supervisor de distrito del MidSouth Durante un tiempo de oración y reflexión en el que se compartió el relato de 1 Samuel acerca de la unción de David como rey sobre sus hermanos mayores por Samuel, se hizo evidente que Dios estaba liderando en una nueva dirección "original", dijo Tammy. A su debido tiempo, Wendy y Sal fueron entrevistados, y su recomendación fue aprobada por unanimidad por la junta. "Creemos que esta decisión no es sólo para el futuro de MidSouth, sino que también es profético para todo el movimiento Cuadrangular", dijo Tammy. "Estamos en la vanguardia de algo fresco y audaz que Dios está haciendo. Por favor, únese a nosotros en oración para que, juntos, todos estemos listos para ser usados ​​por Dios en este nuevo día". Glenn Burris Jr. da la bienvenida al nombramiento como un ejemplo de cómo el proceso de realineación de Reimagina La Cuadrangular está permitiendo la liberación de líderes "catalíticos" necesarios para el futuro. "Sentimos que el liderazgo claro de Dios y la mano a través del proceso, y queremos ser obedientes a su dirección", dice Glenn. "El Señor ha trazado un futuro que traerá una gran cosecha. Percibo al Señor diciendo: 'La semilla ya está en la tierra' ". David Coffey, anteriormente pastor y administrador del distrito South Central, dice que él sentía que era hora de bajar y de entregar dicha posición "para alguien que puede ayudar a lanzar el futuro, liderando y apoyando a la generación siguiente". David ha sido parte del gabinete de La Cuadrangular desde 2003, él y su esposa, Diane, celebran su aniversario de bodas de oro el próximo año. Ellos tienen dos hijos adultos casados, Amber y Ryan, ambos sirven en el ministerio Cuadrangular.
  3. Leslie Keegel’s appointment as chair of the Foursquare Global Council is celebrated as a major milestone in the movement’s history because it is the first time an international member is chairing this eldering body.The long-serving national leader of Foursquare in Sri Lanka, Leslie is widely known and respected for championing church growth through Spirit-empowered ministry and for having brought key prophetic words to past Foursquare Connection meetings. He received the symbolic global leadership baton at this year’s gathering in Washington, D.C. As Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. presented the baton, regional leaders encircled Leslie and his wife, Belen, to pray for them and anoint them with oil. Glenn stated that he welcomed this “historic day,” and also said that he believed the appointment will “take us places we have never seen before because of the release of this ministry.” The succession is being seen as a powerful and even prophetic expression of Foursquare’s Four-Stage Model for its work in establishing new ministry around the world—pioneering, establishing, empowering and then sending. Acknowledging the apostolic leadership that is prominent in other parts of the world outside the U.S., Glenn told those at Connection 2017 that the role of the U.S. Church has changed from that of “parent to partner.” Through mutual collaboration and unity, we are empowered as a global family, praying for and endorsing one another across the globe. Since Leslie was appointed Foursquare national leader of Sri Lanka in 1983, our movement there has grown to some 1,600 churches and meeting places. That growth has not come without opposition and cost: 20 Foursquare leaders have been martyred for their faith. The significance of the impact of our Foursquare Sri Lanka family is also seen in the fact that Sri Lankans now lead four other national Foursquare works: in New Zealand, the UK, and two other nations unnamed due to security considerations.“Leslie Keegel has demonstrated a unique apostolic mantle across cultures, continents and churches. God’s grace and favor rests on his life.” —Glenn Burris Jr., president of The Foursquare Church Leslie becomes global chair after two years serving as co-chair with Glenn. He has also faithfully served as chairman of the South Asia Regional Council of Foursquare Churches and the Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches. Thanking Glenn for his “exemplary leadership” and mentorship, Leslie says that he has taken the role as the chair “trusting in the Lord and completely yielding to the Holy Spirit.” In speaking about Glenn and Ted Vail, the director of Foursquare Missions International (FMI), he states that they “will work closely with me to help me steer this big ship.” He also notes that “the support of my friends from the regions and nations is amazing and enormous.” In his new role, Leslie will head the 21-strong group, comprised of regional and other leaders, overseeing some 100,000-plus churches in over 155 nations. Meeting in person at least once a year, with quarterly conference calls, continual communication, and with active committee teams, the Global Council is charged with guarding and guiding Foursquare’s work around the world. In addition to an Executive Committee (serving as the Steering Committee), the Global Council offers direction and oversight through three pro-active ministry-focused committees: Functional Structures, Shared Mission, and Training and Education. Other committees of importance are the Financial Committee, the Intervention Committee and the Women’s Committee, comprised of representatives from each of the 15 regions. Discussions and decisions are centered on holding true to Foursquare’s six Global Distinctives: kingdom partnerships with other groups, a commitment to sound doctrine, empowering people for leadership, strong family relationships, and an emphasis on Spirit-empowered living and disciple-making. Passing the baton at Foursquare Connection 2017 “Never has it been more important in the history of the church to network and partner to finish the Great Commission,” says Glenn Burris Jr. “People are going everywhere as a result of a variety of circumstances, such as job changes, immigration or becoming refugees, and it is a divine intersection of mission and opportunity. It really has to be the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world.” Looking ahead, Leslie speaks of hopes for a global 24/7 prayer chain, and encouraging prayer and Spirit-filled life and ministry in every national church. “We must see more and more the preaching of the Word being confirmed by signs, wonders and miracles,” he asserts. Among his requests for prayer as he begins his new role is his earnest prayer that he might receive “anointing and wisdom to see as God would want me to see, and boldness and faith to be decisive in taking the global family forward.” He also prays for national leaders to know an increased “heartfelt passion and God-given vision to pray passionately and lead decisively.”Through mutual collaboration and unity, we are empowered as a global family, praying for and endorsing one another across the globe. He also urges prayer and fasting for those who are undergoing persecution. “In many parts of the world, Christians are being martyred for their faith,” he says. “Many are being thrown out of their homes, families and clans. Children are denied schooling, men and women lose the opportunity of employment.” Glenn adds: “This baton relay in global leadership represents the pinnacle of the missiology of Scripture. We have, in the ethos of our movement, the early church conviction of empowerment. Leslie Keegel has demonstrated a unique apostolic mantle across cultures, continents and churches. God’s grace and favor rests on his life. He is powerfully anointed to confront the kingdom of darkness, to model leading with Holy Spirit power and in the prophetic, and he leads with such humility and grace. The Global Foursquare Church is poised to be a significant part of God’s plan to reach every corner of the world with the good news of the gospel of salvation, redemption, healing and hope.”
  4. Foursquare Connection 2017 was held in Washington, D.C., May 29–June 1, where Foursquare pastors and leaders gathered in the city known for both great influence and division. Leaders celebrated that once we are “Commissioned by Jesus,” which was the convention’s theme, we are in this together to make the Great Commission happen.Over 3,000 Foursquare attendees heard from many different leaders—those who serve in a traditional church, some who serve in a marketplace setting or education setting, and others who serve internationally. A recurring theme that ran throughout the event, which took place at the Washington Hilton, was best summarized by Gabe Lyons, who challenged attendees to love first, and know your convictions; then, living your life rooted in this foundation will create a compelling story others will be interested in. Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Director Ted Vail echoed that cry during his talk about reaching Samaria, suggesting that reaching others is sometimes as easy as starting by simply saying hi. “Love never fails. If you go down loving, you will never be a failure,” said Ted. Friends of Foursquare were also warmly welcomed, including well-known author Mark Batterson, who said he was happy to join team-Foursquare for the night. Speaking from personal experience, he said that church plants sometimes have to fail to make room for something “better to happen in our lives,” and that “faith is taking the first step before God reveals the next step.”Kelly TshibakaKelly Tshibaka is a Foursquare credentialed minister and a federal employee in Washington, D.C., who was recently considered for a White House appointment. She shared about the unique opportunity she has to pray for those who are making decisions that influence our nation, and concluded with, “I am commissioned to the unimaginable, and so are you.” Worship was powerful, with Elevation Worship leading with abundant energy and excitement on Monday and Tuesday, and Foursquare’s own Kyle and Lisa Cooper ushering in the Holy Spirit on Wednesday and Thursday. Other musical features included two performances by the Miracle Choir of Manado from Indonesia, and Thursday morning worship included students from Grace Covenant Church (Cornelius Foursquare Church) in Cornelius, N.C.Conexión Hispana For the first time ever, Conexión Hispana was held over two days in the main ballroom, and was broadcast live to the Connection Live home audience. The event began on Tuesday afternoon with a powerful ceremony where Missionary Yaseer Handall, a Hispanic Foursquare pastor who has been sent to Native Americans in the U.S., and several native Foursquare leaders, representing the early dwellers of North American lands, formally invited and welcomed the Hispanic people to the lands of the United States through the presentation of gifts and through prayers that asked the Father to bless the Hispanic ministries, leaders and people. Speaker Virginia Gonzalez, Hispanic Representative of the Northeast Atlantic District, encouraged the more than 250 leaders to know their identity and be who they are as they serve God, while the worship team of Iglesia El Calvario in Springfield, Md., led worship.Worship at Conexión HispanaThe second day of Conexión Hispana presented three panels made up of Hispanic leaders of the Foursquare movement that discussed the three Missional Objectives of The Foursquare Church: leadership development, church transformation, and church and congregation multiplication. Give Wednesday evening included time for a special offering for North Africa, where 99.5 percent of the population is unreached with the gospel. Pastors Mark Warren and Jon Cobler appealed to those attending in D.C., with a separate message for the at-home Connection Live audience due to the sensitivity of the information shared. Foursquare has the unique opportunity to partner with workers native to the region and to also recruit, train and deploy two multicultural, multigenerational missions teams of between four and six people each. Donations can still be made online. Foursquare Disaster Relief’s new Project Nourish was also announced. This effort will help with the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, with millions facing starvation in East Africa. Churches can sign up to receive information on Project Nourish, including ways to involve children and students. Celebrate During the event, the Foursquare family also was able to celebrate many exciting moments together in person. The Foursquare Church gave a standing ovation to more than 70 church planters and 12 newly deployed or soon-to-deploy missionary units.Matthew and Caroline Barnett with Tammy DunahooMatthew and Caroline Barnett, who serve at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, were presented this year’s Commissioned Award for their work at Angelus Temple and the Dream Center. For the first time ever, a leader outside the U.S. Foursquare Church has been appointed Global Chair. President Glenn Burris Jr. and other leaders gathered around Sri Lanka National Leader Leslie Keegel to pray for his historic appointment. Leslie later shared an encouraging prophetic word with the Foursquare family. In addition, Life Pacific College (LPC) President Jim J. Adams announced that Life Pacific College is restructuring as a university, effective July 1, 2019. The LPC president highlighted several changes through the school’s history, noting the two initial schools that will be formed under the new university status are a School of Arts and Sciences, and a School of Theology and Ministry. Much More Along with the 2,679 adults, and 370 kids and youth, who attended convention in person, there were thousands more who attended through Connection Live. Pastors Mark and Lynn Cooper from Life (Decatur Foursquare Church) in Decatur, Ill., hosted the at-home event preshow, Life Offstage, which included session wrap-ups and interviews. Those who couldn’t attend in person had the chance to watch all main sessions as well as Conexión Hispana through Sunday, June 4, at no cost. Several tweeted their appreciation for getting to still participate even though they were unable to attend in person. More than 650 people asked to be a part of Lunch Connections on Tuesday, an effort to connect attendees with new friends. Others took advantage of food trucks, which provided a way for attendees to get a quick bite in between jam-packed afternoons.“I am commissioned to the unimaginable, and so are you.” —Kelly Tshibaka, a Foursquare credentialed minister and federal employee in Washington, D.C. With an ongoing commitment to supporting healthy leaders, many education opportunities were provided on Wednesday afternoon with Training Sessions and Affinity Network Sessions. Training Sessions were taught by main-stage speakers such as Gabe Lyons and David Kinnaman, with topics ranging from post-Christian culture to evangelism, to student ministries and more. The annual convention is also a time for business. Business report summaries were made available to view from home for the first time ever, with downloads of the full reports also available. The voting body passed both sets of proposed bylaw amendments, including the bylaw to elect a new president a year early to a president-elect role, to allow time for orientation and training. All reports, which can be viewed online, were accepted, and Remi Lawanson was ratified as board director. Sessions can also be purchased as digital downloads online, and will be available to view within four weeks after the conclusion of convention.   Foursquare Connection 2018 will take place in Seattle, May 28-31, and is themed “Transformed by Jesus.” Comisionado por Jesus en la Conexión Cuadrangular 2017La Conexión Cuadrangular 2017 se llevó a cabo en Washington, D.C., desde el 29 de mayo al 1 de junio, donde pastores y líderes de la Cuadrangular se reunieron en la ciudad conocida tanto por su gran influencia como su división. Los líderes celebraron el llamado, “Comisionados por Jesús”, que fue el lema de la convención, unidos en esto para hacer que la Gran Comisión se cumpla. Más de 3,000 asistentes de la Cuadrangular escucharon de muchos líderes – desde los que sirven en iglesias tradicionales, a los que sirven en ubicaciones de mercados o de educación, y de los que sirven a nivel internacional. Un tema recurrente que surgió durante todo el evento, el cual tomo lugar en el Washington Hilton, lo resumió mejor Gabe Lyons, quién desafío a los asistentes a que amaran primero y que conocieran sus convicciones; y después, viviendo sus vidas enraizadas en ese fundamento creará una historia convincente que a otros les interesará.  El director de Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Ted Vail hizo eco de ese llamado durante su discurso sobre Samaria, sugiriendo que alcanzando a otros a veces es tan fácil como saludando a alguien con un “hola”.  “El amor nunca falla. Si desfalleces amando, nunca serás un fracasado,” dice Ted.  Los amigos de la Cuadrangular también fueron acogidos cálidamente, incluyendo al bien conocido escritor Mark Batterson, que expresó la dicha de unirse al equipo Foursquare. Batterson habló de su experiencia personal y dijo que las plantaciones de iglesias a veces tienen que fracasar para dar lugar a “algo mejor en nuestras vidas” y que “la fe es tomar el primer paso antes de que Dios nos revele el próximo paso.”Kelly TshibakaKelly Tshibaka es una ministra con credenciales de la Cuadrangular y una trabajadora federal en Washington, D.C., que recientemente fue considerada para un nombramiento en La Casa Blanca. Compartió de la oportunidad única que tiene para orar por aquellos que están tomando decisiones que influyen nuestra nación, y concluyó con, “Soy comisionada para lo inimaginable, al igual que tú.” La adoración fue poderosa, con Elevation Worship dirigiendo con abundancia de energía y emoción el lunes y martes, y los propios de la Cuadrangular Kyle y Lisa Cooper abriendo paso al Espíritu Santo el miércoles y jueves. Otras presentaciones incluyeron dos rendimientos musicales de Miracle Choir de Manado de Indonesia, y el jueves por la mañana la alabanza contó con estudiantes de Grace Covenant Church (Cornelius Foursquare Church) de Cornelius, N.C. Conexión Hispana Por primera vez, la Conexión Cuadrangular se llevó a cabo durante dos días en el salón principal, y fue transmitido en vivo a la audiencia de Conexión En Vivo. El evento inició el martes por la tarde con una poderosa ceremonia en donde el Misionero Yaseer Handall, un pastor hispano de la Cuadrangular que fue enviado a los Nativos Americanos de los EE.UU., y varios pastores nativos de la Cuadrangular, representando a los primeros habitantes de las tierras norteamericanas, formalmente invitaron y recibieron a la gente hispana a las tierras de los Estados Unidos por medio de la  presentación de dádivas y de oraciones pidiéndole al Padre que bendijera a los ministerios, líderes y gente hispana.  La oradora Virginia Gonzalez, representante hispana del Distrito Atlántico Noreste, animó a más de 250 líderes a que conocieran su identidad y sean quién son mientras que sirven a Dios, en lo que el equipo de alabanza de la Iglesia El Calvario de Springfield, MD dirigía la alabanza.  La adoración en la Conexión Hispana<El segundo día de la Conexión Hispana presentó a tres paneles integrados por líderes hispanos del movimiento Cuadrangular que hablaron de los tres Objetivos Misionales de la Iglesia Cuadrangular: el desarrollo del liderazgo, la transformación de  iglesias y la multiplicación de iglesias y congregaciones.  Dar El miércoles por la tarde incluyó una ofrenda especial para el Norte de Africa, en donde el 99.5 por ciento de la población aún no ha sido alcanzada por el evangelio. Los pastores Mark Warren y Jon Cobbler apelaron a los que asistían en D.C., con un mensaje separado a los que veían la transmisión en vivo debido a la sensibilidad de la información compartida.  La Cuadrangular tiene la oportunidad única de asociarse con trabajadores nativos a la region y también de reclutar, entrenar y desplegar a dos equipos misioneros multicultural y multigeneracional, integrados por cuatro o seis personas cada uno. Las donaciones aún se pueden hacer en línea.  El nuevo proyecto de Foursquare Disaster Relief, Project Nourish fue anunciado. Este esfuerzo ayudará la mayor crisis humanitaria de nuestro tiempo, millones enfrentando la hambruna en el este de Africa. Iglesias pueden inscribirse para recibir información sobre Project Nourish, incluyendo maneras de involucrar a los niños y estudiantes.  Celebre Durante el evento, la familia Cuadrangular celebró muchos momentos emocionantes juntos en persona. La Iglesia Cuadrangular dio una ovación de pie a más de 70 plantadores de iglesias, y a 12 equipos misioneros recién desplegados y/o que pronto desplegarán. Matthew y Caroline Barnett con Tammy DunahooMatthew y Caroline Barnett, que sirven en Angelus Temple en Los Angeles, les presentaron este año el Commissioned Award por su obra en Angelus Temple y el Dream Center.  Por la primera vez, un líder fuera de La Iglesia Cuadrangular de los EE.UU. fue señalado Global Chair. El presidente Glenn Burris Jr. y otros líderes rodearon al líder nacional de Sri Lanka Leslie Keegel para orar por el nombramiento histórico. Leslie después compartió una palabra profética animadora con la familia Cuadrangular.  Adicionalmente, el presidente de Life Pacific College (LPC) Jim J. Adams anunció que está reestructurando la universidad a partir del 1º de Julio del 2019. El presidente de LPC destacó muchos cambios durante la historia de la universidad, notando dos escuelas iniciales que formarán bajo el nuevo estatus de la universidad, que son la Escuela de las Artes y Ciencias y una Escuela de Teología y Ministerio.   Mucho Más Junto con 2,679 adultos y 370 niños y jóvenes, quienes atendieron la convención en persona, hubo miles más atendiendo la Conexión en-vivo. Los pastores Mark y Lynn Cooper de Life (Decatur Foursquare Church) en Decatur, Illnois., organizó el preshow en casa, Life Offstage, que contó con sesiones concluyentes y entrevistas. Para los que no pudieron atender la convención en persona, tuvieron la oportunidad de ver todas las sesiones principales al igual que la Conexión Hispana gratuitamente hasta el domingo, 4 de junio. Muchos twittearon su aprecio por poder participar a pesar de no poder atender en persona.  Más de 650 personas pidieron ser parte de Lunch Connections el martes, un esfuerzo de conectar a los asistentes con nuevos amigos. Otros tomaron ventaja de los camiones de comidas, el cual permitió que los asistentes comieran entre las sesiones.“Soy comisionada para lo inimaginable, al igual que tú.” —Kelly Tshibaka, una ministra con credenciales de la Cuadrangular y trabajadora federal en Washington, D.C. Con el compromiso continuo de ayudar a líderes saludables, se proporcionaron muchas oportunidades de educación el miércoles por la tarde con Sesiones de Entrenamiento y Sesiones de Afinidad y Redes. Las Sesiones de Entrenamiento fueron llevadas a cabo por los oradores principales, así como Gabe Lyons y David Kinnaman abordando temas tal como la cultura pos-cristiana al evangelismo, y de ministerios estudiantiles y mucho más.  La convención anual también es un tiempo de negocios. Resúmenes informativos de negocios se hicieron disponibles para ser vistos desde la casa por la primera vez, con descargas del informe completo también disponibles.  El cuerpo de votación aprobó las enmiendas estatutarias propuestas, que incluyeron el estatuto de elegir un nuevo presidente un año temprano al rol de presidente-electo para permitir tiempo de orientación y entrenamiento. Todos los informes, que pueden ser encontrados en línea, fueron aprobados y Remi Lawanson fue ratificado como director de la junta.  Las sesiones pueden ser adquiridas como descargas digitales en línea, y estarán disponibles dentro de cuatro semanas después de la conclusión de la convención.  La Conexión Cuadrangular 2018 se llevará a cabo en Seattle, del 28-31 de mayo, y el tema es “Transformado por Jesus.”
  5. Foursquare Connection 2017 kicked off last night in Washington, D.C., back at the U.S. capital for the first time since 2006.With a nod to the history-rich location, the four-day event opened with prayer, led by First Nations Pastor Ken Pretty-on-Top. The prayer-focused event will also include time for daily morning prayer before the morning sessions begin, and prayer walks through the city using a specially made Prayer Passport. The opening session was followed by a special prayer and worship concert with Elevation Worship. Junior and senior high students were welcomed to the special concert, while Foursquare pastors, chaplains and national leaders led the group through a time of focused prayer.  The theme for this year’s convention, “Commissioned by Jesus,” focuses on Jesus as our Savior and is the first of four years that will focus on Christ’s four-fold ministry, which also includes His being Baptizer, Healer and King. In welcoming both the D.C. and Connection Live audience, President Glenn Burris Jr. said that this week God is going to "resurrect something in us, something like the day of Pentecost... as we become recipients and welcome to His ministry in a fresh new way."   Matthew Barnett, who pastors Angelus Temple, the church started by Foursquare founder Aimee Semple McPherson, brought an encouraging word to pastors about continuing through difficult times of ministry. Matthew recently took on the near-impossible task of running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days in order to raise money for the expanding Los Angeles-based Dream Center. "When you're commissioned by God, sometimes He calls you to do what doesn't make sense to you. Keep the faith," Matthew said in encouragement to fellow Foursquare leaders. This week, Foursquare Connection attendees will hear from many speakers under the theme “Commissioned by Jesus.” In addition to Matthew Barnett, main session speakers are: Author and D.C.-based Pastor Mark Batterson District Supervisor Peter Bonanno Co-authors David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago Professor Soong-Chan Rah World Impact CEO Efrem Smith Salvation Army Social Justice Director Danielle Strickland FMI Director Ted Vail Worship will be led by Elevation Worship again on Tuesday, followed by Foursquare’s own Kyle and Lisa Cooper on Wednesday and Thursday. For the first time ever, Conexión Hispana will be a two-day event, taking place in the main ballroom. The first session starts Tuesday at 2 p.m. Also for the first time, both Conexión sessions will be available to watch from home through Connection Live, where thousands more are expected to join in the week’s festivities. Off-stage events include Training Sessions led by main stage speakers, an international reception where attendees can connect with our global Foursquare family, Multiethnic Connections and, of course, business sessions where numerous important items will be discussed and voted on.   The jam-packed four-day event is due to host more than 3,000 registered attendees, including more than 300 children and students. Those not on-site can watch Foursquare Connection Live online, including tonight’s session, which will air at 5:50 p.m. Live streaming of the main sessions, plus backstage interviews and session highlights, will be available to view on the Connection Live website through Sunday, June 4. Sessions can also be purchased as digital downloads online, and will be available to view within four weeks after the conclusion of convention.  In addition, registration is open this week only for Foursquare Connection 2018, which will be held in Seattle, Wash. Register now for the lowest rate.