R.A.R.E. Kids

(1st to 6th Grades)


Elementary School

(1st to 6th Grades)
Children in elementary school are beginning to grasp a greater concept of who God is and how they fit into his family. Our desire is to see each elementary age child grow in life-changing understanding of who God is and how he wants us to live. This is accomplished through a total church experience. In R.A.R.E. Kids all the elements of adult church are practiced at a kid level. We Worship, Fellowship, Give Offerings and Explore God’s Word in relevant, exciting ways for children, engaging their spirit to communicate with the Spirit of God, to experience God’s presence personally. R.A.R.E. Kids is a total church experience involving the total child, spirit, soul and body. It’s just plain fun!!

Contact Person(s): Pastors Joe & Sarah Verissimo
For more information, contact Pastors Joe or Sarah Verissimo by Clicking Here

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